Federation of Ontario Cottager's Associations Slams proposed changes to the Aggregate Resources Act

Date: 09-Feb-2020 The Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations is a member-based association of over 500 waterfront landowner groups located across the Province, representing over 50,000 families. As significant stakeholders in rural Ontario, FOCA is interested and a vested party in the responsible
use of our lands and resources.

FOCA has vigorously objected to a large number proposed changes in the Aggregate Resources Act through ERO 019-0556 and Bill 132, which would weaken environmental protections of Ontario's water resources.

One provision proposed to gut current provisions regarding zoning for pits and quarries on Crown Land. The requirement to abide by Municipal Zoning had been established by law and was being enforced by the Ministry. The proposed changes stipulates that zoning by-laws are “inoperative” if they include provisions concerning setbacks and other regulations governing the zoning  of pits and quarries on Crown land -  yet no rationale has been provided for ousting municipal by-laws in this manner under the ARA, or justification for why third parties operating on Crown land shouldn’t be subject to applicable zoning by-laws.

These provisions, if passed would allow the proposed McClintock Quarry to encroach to within 500 metres of Harvey Lake vs the 1 km setback required by Algonquin Highlands and pose a danger to all waterfront properties in Ontario located adjacent to Crown Lands.

A link to FOCA's website concerning these provisions and downloadable copies of their submissions is located here